1965 -6/15

Should recall that I awoke one morning with the strange feeling of 'no feeling' for over a week early in June. Physically and mentally was 100% all right - yet for an unknown reason - unlike anything I have ever known. All interest in everything - all desire for anything - gone as completely as a physical stroke can take away movement. Nothing I love to do had any interest. I was so indifferent. I could analyze it but could not change it. NOTHING on earth had interest - not even spiritual things. I was as a 'robot' must be. Work on my book was the first thread to lead me out of this. (corrections for 3rd Ed.) Reading had no interest. I read, but it did not matter what the words said. I was indifferent. I was not even depressed. Just no emotion. Why? I have questioned. I don't know yet at all, but a Tornado struck within a mile of our cottage at Palmer Lake and took Bradley's home in its way. They were not there so were not hurt. I only record this feeling because I wonder if 'on the inner astral side' I had some shock - or a pre-knowledge. I hope it is over. God Bless us and keep us in thy Love, and thy own Haven in thee, God. I did not wish to write anything so seemingly negative on this beautiful page - but it was a part of life and may have been significant - maybe like overcoming an illness. It must have been inner - astral, but concerning myself very deeply. It feels over, now by the last of June, but I ponder - 'what was it?'p.s. July 10, 1965 Today, after 2 wks of same feeling all is normal again, it lifted - like a curtain lifting.