Book-Related Stories

Second Edition Anxiety


CalendarWorking night and day since November on 2nd printing of book, I was so concerned about my delays in time - to printer, that I felt tension over it. Then I looked casually at a calendar beside me - and saw only these words standing out (just for me, then) on the page. "He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion." It brought indiscribable comfort that has continued. Pages went to printer on January 5th (Master's Birthday) have been in proofs - back for changes - and now - Febuary 8th returned - for printing this week.

A Story From Lawrence McGaugh


As he was struggling with the cancer that eventually took him to Master, our dear friend Lawrence McGaugh urged me to "get moving" with this tribute to Kamala. Every time I visited him, he'd repeat that we "really had to do it for Master." So we very much have Lawrence's urgings to thank for this site finally coming online.

Here's Lawrence's Kamala story, related to me only days before his passing:

You know I used to be into jazz and night life and all that, right? Well, some of those habits are hard to shake. But Master keeps on working on me, nevertheless.

One evening a few years back, I had been out to dinner with a lovely lady friend, and I had a glass of wine. When I got home, I was feeling pretty bad about myself. "Some yogi you are!" and that kind of thing sort of dragging me down. I sank into the sofa and started to brood about when I would finally get it together.

Now, I used to keep Kamala's book, The Flawless Mirror, on my coffee table, and I reached for it and started to read. Immediately, I felt better about myself, and as I read on, felt greatly uplifted.

Some time later, not sure how long, the room suddenly filled with this beautiful soft pink light, and I heard this beautiful female voice clearly say, "Great blessings come to all who read this book."

Nothing more than that.

So you tell me, was it Divine Mother? Kamala herself?

I don't know. All I know is that from that ... READ MORE