From the Later Journals

1978 - 4/10

I need to meditate upon waking to keep thought-free. To 'do things' first changes the consciousness. It is like filling up a space that was open for God and stillness.

1978 - 2/22


This is such a blessed holy stillness that I have had - of body - then to mind and spirit. From long meditation - I want and do continue it on and on. It is as long ago - when the spirit can be all because the body is forgotten - so blessed. Kabir on Page 122, so one with Flawless Mirror, Pages 216 and 217 - experience and holy direction of Master. May all this life drop from my soul except the holy and the beautiful - so my soul - 'Alone, Original and Pure may go to the Lovely, Original and Pure - who will then gladly inhabit it.' Not exactly as Emerson said, but as I recall it.

1978 - 1/26

Meditation with Bernadette over 1 1/2 Hrs. - felt pure joy of God pouring in me. Also the holy OM of God.

1977 - 11/5


Such a blessing when the OM pours through me. Like a river of vibration. My soul is a Raindrop, the Sea is my home.  I am a Raindrop, let me merge with the Sea.

1977 - 9/26

For the past couple of days - T.V. is cut to almost no watching - no news etc. etc. only restful shows. Felt guided by God and Guru. The change is remarkable. At once the OM is constant - meditation and atunement to God - both as I prayed. Nothing came right until cutting this out. Much news, 3 hr. = 2 hrs. on channel 7 and 1 hr on channel 2. Now none.

1977 - 9/15

To be established in God - In the silence where no sound enters. No noisy thoughts.

1977 - 12/25

Christmas - very early - playing the organ chants 'In The Land Beyond My Dreams.' My thoughts are of Silence.

1977 - 11/31

In midnight of 31th - suddenly I am in the river of OM - in God - atunement in heart and mind. Just as I found my body was in stillness - all inner stillness in God's presence. It is the miracle of God and Master - my prayer for long is answered by this being in the OM of 'when thy song flows through me.' A peace (without mental or body restlessness) of still contentment. Blessed hour - bringing this consciousness I have prayed for. Only then is there inner real stillness.