From the Later Journals

1973 -11/23


Shortly felt the deepest Peace pervading me - It seems around me, and house, and in me. Such contentment and quietness it gives to me. Wonderful! Of God and Master. From God and Master.

1974 - 3/21


Cont. 21st RE: The warning - felt all tensions while thinking of building there - but peace when I accepted fact that without knowing why, it was not best. So I renounce chapel there. Yet in a few hours 'B' will be up to see it. Sr B phoned - She and another sister will come up to look at property on Thur.

1974 - 12/24

Arrived back from Dentist and found the most beautiful and huge - plant of white poinsettias from 'SRF temple at Richmond' members.

1974 - 12/12


Around 11 P.M. - Feel great overflowing of OM - and hear it. In an OCEAN OF OM and it's blessings - from God and Master. I feel very blessed - and this is so special. I bow in loving reverence to God and Gurus and Christ. A Holy Season.

1974 - 7/25

The small fleecy clouds in a blue sky - ever moving - with a lacy pine tree silhouetted in front of this - and another pine and some scrub oak - all out of my window by my bed. So beautiful - a beauty one longs to capture.

1974 - 6/30


I am thinking of our lovely chapel in Richmond - and that all these hours the Dedication Services are taking place.