From the Later Journals

1974 - 3/13


Had a very strong fragrance today for a little while - like NICE incense.

1974 - 1/30


When I see little puppies on T.V. - and soaring birds - Such Beauty - all makes me cry 'Oh God - how wonderful you are!' - Your creation, your creatures are so loving, beautiful and dear that they fill me with LOVE. I now feel the roaring of OM - hear it's blessed sound - love the silence with you, God - and seeing love and beauty in every creature. I long to embrace every one I see. I love each one - so much my heart overflows. The peace and OM fills me.

1974 - 1/13


Memorable date 1st seeing Master 49 years ago today - vision of 4 Masters (Guru and Paramgurus) 2 years ago today. Plus blessing last year on this date.

1974 - 1/24


Cards with Master's picture and his words which just came, a lovely one - for giving SRF members at Mahasamadhi time, Christmas, or any time. (Master looking down from the clouds.)

1974 - 1/16


Another date for memories: The Chrysler car Master said we should have - given Edward by his brother around 23 years ago.

1973 - 12/17


"Most wonderful letters of readers of 'The Flawless Mirror'- getting help and upliftment from it. Such loving letters."

1973 - 12/22


Meditating long on words of Master from his poem of guidance 'When I am Only a Dream.' On each line, his guiding wisdom - clearly, deeply expressed.

1956 - 1/9


Tonight a special Blessing: Joy and happiness in my heart, and barriers to omniscience melted! Like a door magically opened. Thank You God and Guru! For both I've longed. How quickly you have given your gifts, in this New Year.