From the Later Journals

1964 - 11/4


This afternoon I fell asleep while reading (rare for me) and was with Master. I was overjoyed to see him. I said 'You are in your body' and 'Let me keep on seeing you.' and I believe it may be he had been in the subtle (Hiranyaloka) and beyond - in the Realm where body was forgotten and now instead of his blessings coming in this spirit 'formless' way only now again, he came 'in form.' There were several of us with him - walking in a suite of hall - like rooms. Sister Mrinalini was there mostly. I did not notice others much. I was close to Master - or sometimes alone with him in a room - my eyes devouring sight of him - the blessing of joyous in me. I woke up from my nap in GREAT inner stillness, joyous. I am so blessed - so great a 'Still' awareness in the Peace of God. Master - your present is still filling me with joy, hours later.

1973 - 11/12


One must lift above change - activity - objects and their weight and movement - beyond empathy for the drama of the transient - at the times one wants to be at one with God - Infinite Spirit. One must 'leave all' both in mind, and in emotions, and memories, and senses to do this - and 'lift above.' We can't push aside material things - or habits, etc. We have to go into another consciousness and vibration - like traveling away from some environment and getting involved in the new one. We have to get involved in Eternal things and Divine Love.

1973 - 11/11


Reading in early A.M. and suddenly the OM came in GREAT SOUND - so loud, so blessed, soothing. Thank You, God and Master. Feeling the vibrations too. Immensity of sound like in a great roaring waterfall.

1973 -11/7


Blessed experience of Holy Bliss filling me: Early A.M. dreamed I was in a boat - moving at great speed - over the waters - yet not any impact with islands of land dots we came past - and suddenly I was CONSCIOUS and felt an invisible arm around me as I sat in boat and through all my being currents of Bliss were tangibly vibrating. This continued and I knew that Master or Paramguru was beside me - and the Bliss lasted for some minutes in boat, and after I was again 'in my room.' PURE BLISS - My body was pervaded by Bliss vibration throughout - just as the 'word' on an organ is pervaded by music vibrations one can feel in the wood, as it plays.

1973 - 10/11


Reading of Theresa - The Saint of Ecstasy from 'Saints that Moved the World' - These words 'It would suddenly grow silent, time would cease; timelessness would surround her.' and of her 'Motionless rest in God.' So beautiful - so holy.

1973 - 9/5


Tonight - deep Kriya - 4th initiation practice - SO BLESSED and peaceful I felt 'at my Guru's lotus feet' then thought through your EYES - I will merge into the Infinite. Great bessings about me in cottage now. I have also such a happy glow about tomorrow. I love Edward and these days are a joy. I think again looking in my guru's eyes. I swim in the Infinite. Such a joyous feeling fills me. It only lessens when I try to analyze it. I feel joyous. Oh my Guru, my Guru, I feel lifted out of the mortal into a spiritual joy - that touches all the mortal daily things. It is a special GRACE from God and Guru.

1973 - 9/1


In my concern over Edward in mountains after dark - I asked Master to look after him, and waves of Peace filled me.

1973 - 7/18


This afternoon sat long on porch - not a stirring of air except birds - and TIME MELTED and I felt a sense of EXPANSION of the VASTNESS - after so long! A sense of spirit and peace. The peace in me as well as around me.

1973 - 7/8


Peace and beauty everywhere from cottage porch. Palmer Lake, Colorado. I am at the cottage, the deepest peace is everywhere, with me, and outside. Quietness and Divine Blessing. Very special deep peace.