From the Later Journals

1963 - 1/14


Bonnie here. Felt tremendous presence - on behalf of Alice. I went into deep communion and prayer.



After feeling a tremendous sadness - so unusual, so deep - I prayed long to know the reason. Desired to call Martha to ask about her and Alice. Martha told me Alice had a stroke. Edward and I went at once - sat two hours by her, stroking her hair and face, as she liked it. She talked to us. This was our last time she was conscious when there. My sadness led us there 'in time' - because I prayed and learned the reason for it from God.

1961 - 8/4


Expanded vision in 3rd eye in meditation - sitting up, awake! Inside the disk of gold, in dark center, was the complete view of Ben Lomond and all surroundings (as a telephoto lense would give) from a distance - then from a greater distance viewed this scene but including other mountains in distance scope so much vaster, of same area. So lovely - inner sight of outer scenes.

1962 - 11/26


Awoke from a dream of Master. Peggy took me to a lecture room, large, carpeted. Many there.I sat near the front. Master began to speak. I felt so much deep happiness to be in his presence and it was with me all through the day, like balm, soothing into peace. All mental restlessness became quieted just by being near him.

1962 - 11/16


Today is so special. I awoke at Peace in the way I always use to be. I had prayed for this and it is wonderful. The mind is still. The world is beautiful. It is living in the Eternal Present. At peace with now, whatever I do - or if I remain still. No desire but to dwell always in this consciousness of inner quiet.

1962 - 4/18


Another memo - From time I gave a talk in April. Man there who see auras at all times, said to me 'You are a rainbow except when you quote your Guru and then you are pure white light.'

1962 - 10/3


On early morning on the 3rd - A large gathering - where Master was present. I greeted him and a I left to walk by many who were seated I saw Sister Daya. I thought how Divine her nature. Passing before her I felt a wish to draw close to her as she welcomed me I leaned my cheek against her and then this great experience - upon touching her. I shot - precipitated with a great upsurge - through the top of my head. All of me was sucked - pulled - drawn out of the top of my head leaving the body untenanted. Whether only physical, or astral body too, I do not know - but I could feel the going through my head - as one can feel a tight garment being pulled from it. It took all of me with a 'whoosh' into the vast heavens, and I went on and on and on - so wonderful a freedom. The universe was as at night - starlit - stars and moonlight. As I went on hundreds of miles I began to wonder 'Am I going to go on now - to die to the physical body?' It was a wonderful feeling to be zooming on and on - and then it seemed to be darker to my sight. Thinking it a test of God - I said 'God, I want to be wherever you want me.' Meaning that even if I did not like the dark I would be there gladly if God willed - But as if in reply - instantly I was back in my body - in my room. But the immense feeling continued - of vastness - not confined to the body. In fact I could not feel my body for many minutes except the breath, which was very ... READ MORE

1962 - 8/28


Asleep between 10 and 1p.m. today and was with Daya and Mataji. They came to see me. Daya showed me a christmas evergreen she brought for the house. When alone with her she greeted me with a loving embrace and kiss which was a spiritual blessing. A holy vibration pervaded me - of her own holiness. The True import was the uplift-ment which was present as I wakened. I sat up to meditate at once - immersed in a Divine Glow and withdrawn from outer things - consciousness expanded, to feel the radiance about me - not aware of body. I felt as Daya looks in so many pictures - absorbed in inner beatitude. It was imparted from her to me. The Light glowed without effort to see it. How wonderful the feeling in Spirit! A Blessing I needed - was 'Conscious in Dream.'

1960 - 11/16


Katherine told me on Wed. Nov. 16th at her 9th Kriya breath she had all breath sucked from her and eyes draw upward,and the wall before her eyes dissolved and there was a gold band about 6 ft. inside the blue and the star there. She just melted in that peace of God. She felt the unity of God in everything.

1961 - 8/27


Meditation as of yesterday did not repeat; instead was inspired by visualizing self and all saints in a great river or ocean of God - God flowing through all one's being.