From the Later Journals

1960 - 12/7


Oh Master - I am savoring the long treasured time with you in dream. So Real. I could feel your presence as well as see and be with you. When you asked me to do something for you , and your dearness, being like whenever with you - but your wishing to be with me! So dear. One of the most precious dreams I've ever had. Accompanying fragrance - of Master, most dear.

1960 - 11/24


Thanksgiving. Awoke this morning recalling a clear dream of being with Daya. Sitting in lotus - on floor, with some object in hand we both discussed - spiritual in import - I sensed about her great tranquility - A lightness of being I liked - and thought after waking of her being 'Within a Pool of Tranquility.'

1959 - 11/10


Special dream of Master in it with him technique for growing lighter than air while jumping, consciousness apart from body, expanding and up - so wonderful. Can feel now the same sensation. How dear to give this technique to me - one I will love to use. In thee I live - In thee I move in thy joy - Thy sacred joy.

1960 - 7/7


At Palmer Lake - Today the intense blue and the Star of Infinity so perfect - so steady. I felt so happy to see it long and clearly, with the blue all around it. So still within.

1959 - 2/17


It is like a miracle! I was praying so deeply to God - how the pain of a problem kept my meditations from him - and suddenly I was lifted above it into a peace, so complete, and the pain gone. The problem remained to concern mind - but no pain to keep me from God. It is permanent! I know it and oh how I thank you God. I love you God, I love you God.

1959 - 2/11


Master in a dream! Many awaited him - he arrived in a car and as he passed by with a girl in sari-like clothes he said. 'I give her to your care she is a Saint.' and I saw she was a girl unaware of her stature - shy and quite. I put my arms about her - and was about to take her to my room when Master repeated with wondrous emphasis 'She is a Saint.' I felt he meant I should both look after her welfare and teach her to AWAKEN to her own state of God Realization. I felt honored by him.

1959 - 2/22


This is the first morning for so long I can't recall, that I have wakened in complete relaxed peace. My soul has had some deep awareness during the night that all is right - Or else the being with them lifted me to the true soul peace, how wonderful to have it. It is real. I have thanked God all day.