From the Later Journals

1982 - 12/29

In 3 hour meditation with Bernadette on the first part of Genesis (listening to OM - and seeing light and deeply absorbed in the words of Genesis - first lines) God and the word (cosmic vibration) and the light. I cried afterward - so filled with the beauty of attunement with God - in my heart. A spiritual pervading of this Divine Blessing.

1982 - 1/21

A blessing pervaded me of Great Contentment and Loving Peace.

1982 - 1/18

A Spiritual Healing. A traumatic happening, but from darkest despair was lifted into complete peace - just as if the other had never been. A true blessing from Master. A spiritual healing instantly. Most amazing to experience. How wonderful, my holy Guru.

1981 - 12/29

A very wonderful meditation with Bernadette. Great inner peace and stillness. Into a realm, deep and holy of God.

1981 - 12/19

Long Meditation with Bernadette. Concern over P's letter to come visit. Would love to see them, but don't know if Master's guidance permits.

1981 - 8/11

Today after eating lightly in living room - a pervading peace and quietness and stillness filled me for long and long and I sat without thoughts in that peace - not moving. So wonderful!

1981 - 12/16

Divine healings in meditation in early a.m. of the 16th - 2 to 3 a.m. Soul - yearning for God (I know meaning) of spirit - and woke with back energy - filled in spine - normal health after weakness. Master's Blessing.