From the Later Journals

1981 - 8/8

Edward left at 9:30 a.m. today for weekend. Nap afterward - and heard him come in my room - I woke with a start - saw form move to table by me and back across room and I said 'Edward did you come back to bring my perscription?' but he was gone. I ran out calling 'Edward' dogs sleeping - no car! It was not anyone 'on earth' - but truly an astral form I could see and hear! I was astounded.

1981 - 8/7

Real inspiration from Master through 'Pilgrim' book. OM - Light - Father God - Blessed Master.

1981 - 6/26

Listening to news, the OM was suddenly loudly through me and continues as I write. I thank God and Master.

1981 - 6/25

After waking late at night, I felt a great sense of peace all over our home - including Edward - in a way I have not had - a sense of space and blessing of peace through and over us. (It erased concerns and worry)

1981 -6/4


Holy, Magic, Key: Master's words alive to me - My meditations daily are held with Master's words - 'Do not tie yourself to limitations of mortal thought, but remember the vastness of the spirit that dwells within you.

1981 - 5/22

My prayers and need for Master is constant for all things in my life. I pray always for his care and blessings.

1981 - 5/20

In sleep was phoning - a secretary answered and I asked a question and Master, in the background replied with another question. I answered and phone went down so I was out of touch, but the voice of Master filled me with a holy blessing - so dear and rich - like no other voice and clear - as if beside me.

1981 - 5/13

Waking in the most tremendous peace. I was with Master and my soul remembers. Blessed peace - so complete - filling me.

1981 - 4/1

Awoke after 3 hrs. sleep, completely peace-filled. Sat up to meditate and no awareness of body - in the immersion of Divine Peace in which I was still. No thoughts except of the sacred peace and then of the OM sound which also was throughout me in its motor-like vibration (and continues as I write this) I thank God and Master and have dwelt in this state for 1 1/2 hrs. without other thoughts imposing, without body calling attention to itself. So treasured - and my inner prayer afterward was 'Father, let me see all life with thy vision - not from the human way.' (one is all in that peace - the other is of separate parts.)

1981 - 4/7

Late in evening a deep, deep peace as if a Holy blessing filled the room. I felt as if in God's presence with Master near.