From the Later Journals

1981 -4/2

'Like a divine mirror my Guru had caught a reflection on my whole life.'

1960 - 5/2

In meditation at my 'altar' the Christ blue surrounded me - I could see it with closed eyes. I felt wonderful, but didn't yet feel Cosmic Consciousness.

1960 - 6/21


In the mail came Revati's letter with the Bo tree leaf, picture of Krishna and part of Anandamoy's garland. I cried.

1981 - 1/22

The deep peace on the 21st which filled me on waking remained long - and now is recalled - as a blessing of Master, as I surely received it in the sleep state. It was a spiritual stillness pervading every cell of body and mind. Wondrous.

1981 - 1/21

After a busy day slept deeply in evening and woke peace-filled and free from thoughts. A real return to the Hong Sau blessings of long ago, which I have been unable to attain lately with all my efforts.

1981 - 1/5


Blessings from Master. Last night the fragrance - tonight a deep sleep - brief, waking to a mind so calm no thought intruded - this and the great peace remained. Master's Birthday - Such a blessing to this world that he came - and to me to have found my Guru.

1981 - 1/4

I had long meditation in a.m. Also wonderful astral fragrance blessing.

1980 12/27

Working night and day since November on 2nd printing of book, I was so concerned about my delays in time - to printer, that I felt tension over it. Then I looked casually at a calendar beside me - and saw only these words standing out (just for me, then) on the page. 'He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.' It brought indescribable comfort that has continued. Pages went to printer on January 5th (Master's Birthday) have been in proofs - back for changes - and now - February 8th returned - for printing this week."

1980 - 12/25

A nice quiet Christmas with Edward - peaceful day. The special blessing of Master and Paramgurus came to me at 2 to 3 A.M. (26th) deepest peace and feeling of atunement with each holy one. Thank You, each one.