From the Later Journals

1980 - 12/2

My blessing continues from yesterday (the 1st) through this day and night too.

1980 - 12/1

This evening the inner peace of God has filled me - my body is still, my mind in this repose in God. A great spiritual blessing.

1980 - 11/4

Last week - not recorded yet.A spiritual experience of a wonderful immersion in devotion and of God's presence - for hours - and God everywhere. So beautiful - so complete. God is the most soul-satisfying.

1980 - 9/11

A blessed but natural feeling peace. I bow to Master and Holy Ones.

1980 - 10/18

Deepest prayers last night answered by God and Master. Peace filled me on waking and has remained.

1980 - 10/9

Recorded dates and places [of Master's travels] for Brother Abedananda.

1980 - 10/7

Brother Abedananda phoned - as I'd sent word - pleased to ask about many early dates concerning Master (where he was) and I will try to look them up in diaries, letters, etc. Busy for hours doing this.

1978 - 12/24

Affirmations:'I will renounce everything that interferes with my engagement to meditate on thee in daily awakened silence.''The moment I am restless or disturbed in mind, I will retire to silence and meditation until calmness is restored.''I will transfer my consciousness to the inner world.'

1978 - 10/22


"God - come into me and show me what you want me to see - thy Light - what you want me to hear - the OM - thy Cosmic Voice. Memories of omnipresence and eternity - thoughts of thy beauty in creation - awareness of you alone - in the eternal now, in timeless, formless spirit that thou art in me. The holy mystery of this truth.I have had two deep spiritual happening during my great illness. Was withdrawn far, far, inwardly - and there I was with Master. Great feeling of comfort that has stayed - and his words - so clearly followed - saying' he meant what he said about my withdrawing from seeing people. And as I was concerned about wondering when to make exceptions - he said 'he would let me know definitely when he wished me to make an exception(not subtly!)."

1980 - 5/3

Played Anandamoy's Guru - Disciple tape today. Deeply inspiring. Long, deep, peaceful meditation with Bernadette.