From the Later Journals

1980 - 4/29

Meditation - A pervading deep peace everywhere - I feel a spiritual stillness.

1980 - 4/28

I prayed - 'I am soul - Thou art spirit - attune me to Thee. Pervade me with Thy light.'

1980 - 3/31

Awoke from being with Master just as when he was with us long ago - and the same joy. As he was to leave I ran up to him, and the thought I spoke was accepted by him and I was to be with him longer. So joyous I was as the happiness with him is so perfect in one's heart. Such a blessing. It was an earthly setting - large room - open to outside area.

1980 - 2/16

In 1979, Leo Cox told me once, when at Mt. Washington as I left car from ride with Master to go inside, Master said to him, 'She is just around the corner from Liberation.' Master said to Leo at the desert, walking, 'I behold the three worlds floating in me like bubbles.'

1980 - 1/6

Wonderful astral fragrance. A pure blessing. Then after nap - a deep brief sleep, waking to a mind so calm no thought intruded. Then later woke seeing a tall pine tree in open country but trimmed with sparkling beauty and moving in the wind.

1981 - 1/1

My PrayerLet diversity merge into Light. Let form melt into Light - all objects become Light. Let my consciousness reach the Star of Light in the tunnel to eternity and merge into thy vastness and omnipresence - finding my spirit within thy spirit! Sitting up - in meditation - August 1969Saw Master (as in picture) hands in prayer, but he was there (not a picture). Light spread from his hands, up, out, and upward - then this light formed into a Lotus of Light - (above his prayer hands) then formed into a Rose of Light - then again into streaming Rays of Light. Beautiful! Conscious vision. (Lasted about five minutes as best I can guess.)

1978 - 9/2

"My meditation: thought came of Master's words - Silence is the next step the whole world needs on the path to greater spirituality."

1978 - 7/3

"The soul alone, original and pure, gives itself to the lovely original and pure - who on that condition gladly inhabits it. I love this truth as Master says it - we can't become God, but God can become us.'(inhabit us)"

1978 - 4/26

Bernadette over for 2 hr. meditation. It is always in complete silence. So many quotes of Master I recall that make silence the 1st need to enter to find God. To listen - not be noisy talking even to God in our mind.