Letters From Master

Master to Kamala 1926


1926 CincinnatiDear Kamala, I will have to reply to you in telegrams for I am just fighting for time. I was very pleased to receive your wire and airmail letter. It seems it is just one day since the Oct. 3rd when I came here. I had great success. I am so glad to know that you and doctor understand. I shall always remember this. It is good to know those that are not swayed by sentiment but know exactly how matters stand. I am glad you know of my sincerity. That is my richest treasure. I am so tied up in December that it is impossible to get away - I have to cover several places. 

I wish I was in Los Angeles to see you all and straighten matters. Oh how I wish that. It is alright to go thru Dr. Lohman's treatments now. Once in a while go to the Sunday meetings. I appreciate so much of your appreciation. Prepare yourself for God's great work. I am more than please above all to know you never spoke a hard word to anyone. Spiritual helpers must learn to bear insults with smiling faces and kind heart - blessing heart from within. Then you shall know God. Write to me often. I will be here up to 28th of Nov. 

With blessings always very Sincerely your, Swami Yogananda

Master's Notes to Kamala (Undated)


Thou Art ImpersonalThou art Impersonal, Invisible, Unseen, Formless. Omnipresent, yet frozen by my devotion I beheld thee sometimes as Krishna, sometimes as Christ - personal, visible, imprisoned in the little space within the temple of my love. O Spirit Invisible, just as thou didst freeze thy unseen Infinitude into the seen Cosmic Finitude, so do thou appear unto me visible and living that I may serve thee. I want to see thee as the ocean of life with and without the ripple of finite creation. With blessings, Swami Yogananda

Master to Kamala February 1929


Feb13 1929I had been almost everywhere so forgive delay in writing. Please let me know if you can walk and out of hospital. Remember me to Doctor. With unceasing blessings yours, 

Long Beach is a marvelous place and I enjoyed the fair festival - but not inclined to go this year to the festival.

Master's Beach Cottage Notes 1928


Notes For19281There is the ocean within, more vast than the yonder sea, it's surging waves are furious, strong, boisterous, threatening yet if you know how to behave with them and skip over them lightly and float over them without drowning they are refreshing, invigorating. Yonder ocean is immovable, not always within reach so bathe in the shoreless sea which you carry within yourself.