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We started this site as a tribute to Kamala and made it fully interactive with the hope that others — like you — would participate. 

On this new version of, participating in this tribute and sharing your story will be much easier. You can add a comment on any post using the form there. If the form is not at the bottom of the post already, simply click on the title or the READ MORE at the bottom of the post, and you will go to a page where you can add your comment.

To share your Kamala story, simply use the MAKE A COMMENT form at the bottom of this post, and submit your story.

All comments are moderated on this site to keep spammers at bay, but we will respond very quickly to anything you submit. When a Kamala story is submitted, we will add it as a full post and credit you or keep it anonymous, as you indicate in your post. We may also edit it, but only when editing is appropriate and/or necessary.