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1976 - 6/21


Loved words Master spoke as I wakened one morning.'Yes for one whose words will fire and inspire.' I was suffused with a glowing warmth from his words. The approval from my Guru warmed me in a special way. Only time a 'compliment' ever affected me with a kind of 'Blush.' What I felt following his words - PRANA.Waking was not aware of his meaning - doubtless was aware, seconds before. It pertained to my two books.

1975 - 12/19


Words and wisdom of when to apply which ones. Involvements or non-interference. Acceptance - or effort to change. Inner bless - or compassion, with its inevitable pain, {for pain of any} Only one who does not know compassion can believe both go together - anymore than staying tranquil under torture can be. It is the same as another is 'felt for' as for one's self. {Krishna said is the highest} Not sure Master's wishes - but the sadness of Edward's need for good health, yet the OM filling me - and in Master's talk the words of Christ - sending the comforter. {OM} I will go deeply to feel God's guidance of our lives, my feelings, and all - remembering we are his, as he created us. He knows our drama as he wants it played. May I be attuned to know - in mind, heart emotions and spirit. I will pray for perception, to answer my conduct in thought and action and reaction in his way for me. I don't have my answers yet - but feel Master's help. God is our creator - to care for us. I need to remember so I don't feel so helpless in my longing to help him feel well.

1975 - 10/9


Prayers to Master - because of a feeling of standing on a corner waiting for the light to change - but waiting and no go ahead for these many days, weeks. Wondered why. Concerned only because I couldn't understand it. I felt his 'care of us' - and peace over his nearness and the response I feel.

1975 - 1/13


A special day. Exactly 50 years since I first saw Master - and 3 years since Master and all paramgurus were in vision with me.

1975 - 3/14


Suddenly, tonight during a T.V. show - the OM filled me so! It was greater than all other sounds and I feel Master was here. It continued a long time and now, hours later - I hear OM strongly above all sounds, such as T.V.

1975 - 3/29


Working steadily on 'The Flawless Mirror.' Enjoy it. Reading it after long - and Master is in it as I read - so near and dear.

1975 - 3/26


Woke with a spiritual blessing - pervaded me for hours. I had a meditation - and feel the blessing in all things in my life, from Master.

1973 -11/23


Shortly felt the deepest Peace pervading me - It seems around me, and house, and in me. Such contentment and quietness it gives to me. Wonderful! Of God and Master. From God and Master.

1974 - 12/12


Around 11 P.M. - Feel great overflowing of OM - and hear it. In an OCEAN OF OM and it's blessings - from God and Master. I feel very blessed - and this is so special. I bow in loving reverence to God and Gurus and Christ. A Holy Season.