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1960 - 11/4


This morning dreamed a dear wonderful dream of Master. We were alone, but others coming and going in adjoining room - we in a kind of porch room. It was so much like being with him in Santa Barbara. How peaceful I woke - OM singing - but didn't recall the dream until as hour or so later, during meditation. Saw and relived the whole dream while I was with him. He was doing some writing and reading - and also just talking to me.

1962 - 11/29


Between 8 and 9:30 in the evening a strong need to nap after dinner (not usual at all for me). Dream followed I would call ' Daya in Rapture.' Was with Bernadette - Master in distance, we could see , with others. Waiting for him, Daya came in (large building like a lovely hotel) - and I saw she was immersed in inner joy. She looked so radiant that someone asked who she was. She was seated, but walked, then, down the hall playing symbols, a melody I consciously listened to hear the musical notes G, G, C, and G. She turned into a room - others followed her, I also - and as I passed her (she sat on a chair near the door.) I reached to touch her dress and pronam. Instantly she leaned forward and gave me a caress against my cheek - her rapture - Divine Rapture, was so apparent.

1964 - 2/20


A Master's kindness (I am here writing the dream as written on a slip of paper - I had last December to include in diary.) Lahiri Mahasaya's only available photograph does not reveal his eyes, although one senses their spiritual radiance. At times, through the years, the wish has come that I could see their expression, it was but a whisper of a thought, yet this morning he granted my wish in a dream. I was in a room with half a dozen people and in a leisurely way we were going to a long table and seating ourselves. Master was there, and Lahiri Mahasaya. I was explaining something to someone near me when I stopped speaking, thinking: ' Why am I talking of non-important things with these two great ones present? Master is here! Lahiri Mahasaya is here! And as I thought this Lahiri Mahasaya turned to look at me. He had the merriest expression, and I received his thought which told me 'I am granting your wish.' As I looked intently, solemnly memorizing his face in full view, he continued to hold my gaze with smiling warmth. In those satisfying moments he seemed to understand my gratitude. He continued to smile and give me all the time I wished to imprint his eyes and their expression indelibly in my memory. I was completely aware, and an inner serenity pervaded me. Then I was again asleep. When I wakened. I thought of the immense kindness of this great Master to fulfill my wish.

1964 - 2/14


Early morning awoke remembering a natural dear dream with Master. I was long with him. A girl was present, also asking me about his teachings. I was eating, shared a sandwich with her - and was happy beyond words when I offered the rest to Master and he wanted it, ate it, enjoying it. I seemed to know the next day was Sunday and felt I would be with Master and go to services with him. I had a good feeling it was not to be just a brief encounter, but I would stay near him for a long while.

1963 - 6/1


One sweet dream being with Master in a happy time - many present - a joyous, not at all solemn group. He was smiling so much.

1962 - 11/26


Awoke from a dream of Master. Peggy took me to a lecture room, large, carpeted. Many there.I sat near the front. Master began to speak. I felt so much deep happiness to be in his presence and it was with me all through the day, like balm, soothing into peace. All mental restlessness became quieted just by being near him.

1961 - 7/14


Sometime this morning I dreamed of Master - again after so long - We were alone and I was so happy with him. He walked across the room sat in a chair, turned away from me and meditated. I meditated at once in middle of room - I saw and felt joy through what looked like a beautiful fire of tall flames beginning as a fire at the base of my spine and rising to my shoulders - it being of 'light' not 'heat' but could not cause it to become a bonfire for I sensed I was not in spiritual condition to lift it from the cervical into the christ center to merge into it. Afterwards Master again visited with me. Other parts of dreams - including my thinking of what Master would say if he lectured on 'flowers' he has spoken of them so often.

1960 - 2/21


Dream of Master. I woke so glad I had been with him. Others were there - including Daya and Mataji - Master gave me two silver crosses, seemingly for cuff - links in a blouse - similar to cross he gave me on a necklace - but I noted they were real silver and when waking the gift part was not important - but my Guru's presence gave me uplift I have needed - Have so loved the being with him.

1960 - 12/7


Oh Master - I am savoring the long treasured time with you in dream. So Real. I could feel your presence as well as see and be with you. When you asked me to do something for you , and your dearness, being like whenever with you - but your wishing to be with me! So dear. One of the most precious dreams I've ever had. Accompanying fragrance - of Master, most dear.

1959 - 11/10


Special dream of Master in it with him technique for growing lighter than air while jumping, consciousness apart from body, expanding and up - so wonderful. Can feel now the same sensation. How dear to give this technique to me - one I will love to use. In thee I live - In thee I move in thy joy - Thy sacred joy.