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1978 - 1/2


Meditating after Edward's return from trip. I forgot to see the Rose Parade in A.M. Glad God was first on the altar of my thoughts. 'Habit Activities' are very strong in our consciousness. God - help me to turn first to thee, as a mother turns to her child - as the treasure of her heart.

1976 - 7/19


Once seeking an 'exact' answer about my book, my fingers touched the words in the A.Y. 'The lord has spoken his own wish through your lips.' I had prayed deeply first, for God and Master to answer.

1976 - 8/16


My Prayer 'God change my darkness to thy Light.' To affirm and live by.

1976 - 1/18


Praying for Master's guidance, I turned to these words of his. 'The determination to be with Him should be supreme in your life.' And 'The only thing to live for is contact of the Divine, the communion with God.'

1976 - 7/9


Around 4 A.M. a great inner tension - even after long prayer - then an inner lifting into a complete peace. My goal is to be established in God - My Only Goal.

1976 - 7/5


'As soon as you know My Beloved and hear His voice in silence, you will know me again more tangibly that you knew me on this Earth.' (Master always turned our thoughts to God.) To be 'Established in God' - in the Silence - 'Where no sound enters.' Today I need to begin to find a withdrawal from all of the mind - motion - to that stillness in God. To apply these days using each precept of Master's here in the blessed peace of the Glen's still beauty. God First. Withdraw from seeing people 'mentally' is my great need - and mind wholly on God. - To Meditate.Later - relaxed in peace of meditation. Not only God alone - But only God. Apart from diversity - to oneness with God - in God. It means lifting up to another level of consciousness. 'Leave All and Follow Me.'

1976 - 1/12


The tremendous blessings of yesterday morning meditations not repeated today - even with the same effort and devotion. The Grace is that - and one must keep on and it comes when God, Guru and Paramgurus will it - or perhaps bestow their Grace.

1976 - 1/1


Midnight January 1, 1976. The New Year begins with prayers to God, Guru, and Paramgurus - seeing the holy ones in vivid clarity of remembrance and feeling tangible peaceful blessings.

1973 -11/23


Shortly felt the deepest Peace pervading me - It seems around me, and house, and in me. Such contentment and quietness it gives to me. Wonderful! Of God and Master. From God and Master.