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1974 - 1/30


When I see little puppies on T.V. - and soaring birds - Such Beauty - all makes me cry 'Oh God - how wonderful you are!' - Your creation, your creatures are so loving, beautiful and dear that they fill me with LOVE. I now feel the roaring of OM - hear it's blessed sound - love the silence with you, God - and seeing love and beauty in every creature. I long to embrace every one I see. I love each one - so much my heart overflows. The peace and OM fills me.

1973 - 12/23


Thinking again - after many years - how our VOCABULARY reflects our INNER state of consciousness. Where our attention lies - common nouns, abstract nouns, or those of Infinity and Eternity of God - of spirit - of course it reflects our environment and associates too. - But they also COLOR our state of consciousness - spiritual or emotional, mental or (physical) material.

1973 - 11/12


One must lift above change - activity - objects and their weight and movement - beyond empathy for the drama of the transient - at the times one wants to be at one with God - Infinite Spirit. One must 'leave all' both in mind, and in emotions, and memories, and senses to do this - and 'lift above.' We can't push aside material things - or habits, etc. We have to go into another consciousness and vibration - like traveling away from some environment and getting involved in the new one. We have to get involved in Eternal things and Divine Love.

1960 - 11/16


Katherine told me on Wed. Nov. 16th at her 9th Kriya breath she had all breath sucked from her and eyes draw upward,and the wall before her eyes dissolved and there was a gold band about 6 ft. inside the blue and the star there. She just melted in that peace of God. She felt the unity of God in everything.