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From the Letters of the Dunlop's


Dunlop11Jan and Dave Dunlop shared a long and happy correspondence with Kamala as admirers of her books, The Flawless Mirror and later Priceless Precepts.

The words they wrote her which Kamala "treasured" were penned by Dave Dunlop and inspired by the "heart of hearts" phrase in one of Master's chants.

To clarify which words she so loved, on January 30, 1984 Kamala wrote in a followup postcard:

These are the melodic words:
"As you have wished us our Dream of Dreams in the stillness of our souls, so also we wish you the Grace of God in your heart of hearts."

1977 - 2/20


I read about the Lama's flight into Cosmic Consciousness from 'Priceless Precepts' and she was deeply moved by it, understanding the spiritual and mystical depths of the words. (Mrs. Rappold)

1976 - 8/14


Reading Priceless Precepts first chapters - I am deeply satisfied that they convey the keys - the essential points for the devotee to achieve through Master's teaching. The 5 chapters always as essential as 6 and 7 for attainment - and every paragraph of great value to the devotee to understand and apply.

1976 - 6/21


Loved words Master spoke as I wakened one morning.'Yes for one whose words will fire and inspire.' I was suffused with a glowing warmth from his words. The approval from my Guru warmed me in a special way. Only time a 'compliment' ever affected me with a kind of 'Blush.' What I felt following his words - PRANA.Waking was not aware of his meaning - doubtless was aware, seconds before. It pertained to my two books.

1973 - 2/23


Today a very special blessing of infinite sweetness in my heart and whole body as Bonnie and I were in the 'Reverence For Life' chapter of Priceless Precepts. Such a BLESSING! I was filled with this HOLY BLISS."