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1977 - 1/1


A.Y. Sri Yukteswar: 'The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery.' p.246 My Prayer: I sail with God in the Infinite sea - Into a sea of light. (In infinity - in eternity, - merging in the formless essence of spirit)Sometimes I pray: I sail on a sea of mystic light - into the infinite sea. I sail on the still blue cosmic sea, into a star of light.In omnipresence - light above, beneath, left, right, everywhere in formless spirit - in infinite bliss of God.bMaster - I bow to you - in reverence. May we walk with you - and follow your guidance.

1976 - 10/6


Sri Yukteswar said 'Man, one by one, escapes from creation's prison of duality as he awakens to consciousness of his unsevverable divine unity with the Creator.' Also his freedom depends not on outer but inner victories.

1976 - 7/18


The inner and outer well being came at noon and I began Kriya. A blessed meditation - Kriya at noon - an hour. Suddenly felt well. Heat same in room yet I feel well. I feel whole - in my being - my soul. Sri Yukeswarji was in my consciousness. I am now as if lifted into another realm of spiritual wholeness. In true focus. It is raining! So hoped it would.