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1965 - 12/8


Joyous awakening! Between 6 and 6:30 this morning - in sleep - Master greeted me, on a street with a warm happy welcoming embrace, arms about me, and then wafted to me, from his very self, the most wonderful fragrance, I stood very still, head against his coat and it kept coming to me. Then he smilingly asked me something and as I replied someone came by and spoke to him. His smile, his welcome, his embrace, and fragrance! The sweetest of all joys, af all gifts - his love thus expressed. I had gone to sleep planning the Christmas Meditation - at 6am with Master. I still feel the bliss - that Master wafted into me with that fragrance - growing, deepening as I inhaled it, in stillness.

1964 - 1/9


I was sitting here working at my typing when I inhaled the sweet fragrance that was always part of my Mother. She stayed quite a while. I was so happy to feel her near. How sweet - how fragrant. How this was always just Mother - no one else.(only a few times has she come.)

1960 - 12/7


Oh Master - I am savoring the long treasured time with you in dream. So Real. I could feel your presence as well as see and be with you. When you asked me to do something for you , and your dearness, being like whenever with you - but your wishing to be with me! So dear. One of the most precious dreams I've ever had. Accompanying fragrance - of Master, most dear.