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1963 - 9/21


A tremendous experience! A blessing from Babaji. It was during conscious sleep early this morning. I grew aware. I was walking with a few others in a rocky, rugged area, a mountain, - It was moonlight. I was told, or knew we were going to see Babaji - that he would come out of a cone - like opening in the hill right before us. I closed my eyes to concentrate upon removing all thoughts so I could best benefit from this great moment coming - (I sat on a bench of stone, or rock where the path widened in a clearing, evidence of past campfires, darkened stones etc. - in front of the bench) Suddenly Babaji was right beside me. All along my right side I felt touched - as warmth or immersion in water feels to one - and an instant later - before I could open my eyes, his Blessing came through a series of gentle but forceful currents moving RAPIDLY from my head down through my whole body in waves - curving waves, and repeating, several times. I was then back in my room thinking of the wonder of it - the first time I ever recall Babaji's presence consciously (except when all Gurus and Paramgurus together - as such a force I did not try to differentiate) I felt the blessing. It felt 'good' the way one means by some holy benediction. I am so grateful, happy and glad about it. I wished I had had open eyes - but know he did not intend this, or I would, so it is just a note, not a regret. I had what I had not known before. ... READ MORE