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1975 - 3/14


Suddenly, tonight during a T.V. show - the OM filled me so! It was greater than all other sounds and I feel Master was here. It continued a long time and now, hours later - I hear OM strongly above all sounds, such as T.V.

1975 - 7/9


4:30 a.m. of the 10th - awoke in night. Believe I am getting a start on resting. Love to be quiet - nothing but the OM and Peace.

1974 - 12/12


Around 11 P.M. - Feel great overflowing of OM - and hear it. In an OCEAN OF OM and it's blessings - from God and Master. I feel very blessed - and this is so special. I bow in loving reverence to God and Gurus and Christ. A Holy Season.

1974 - 1/30


When I see little puppies on T.V. - and soaring birds - Such Beauty - all makes me cry 'Oh God - how wonderful you are!' - Your creation, your creatures are so loving, beautiful and dear that they fill me with LOVE. I now feel the roaring of OM - hear it's blessed sound - love the silence with you, God - and seeing love and beauty in every creature. I long to embrace every one I see. I love each one - so much my heart overflows. The peace and OM fills me.

1973 - 11/11


Reading in early A.M. and suddenly the OM came in GREAT SOUND - so loud, so blessed, soothing. Thank You, God and Master. Feeling the vibrations too. Immensity of sound like in a great roaring waterfall.

1973 - 3/7


Near midnight a special blessing - The OM intensified and prolonged.

1960 - 11/4


This morning dreamed a dear wonderful dream of Master. We were alone, but others coming and going in adjoining room - we in a kind of porch room. It was so much like being with him in Santa Barbara. How peaceful I woke - OM singing - but didn't recall the dream until as hour or so later, during meditation. Saw and relived the whole dream while I was with him. He was doing some writing and reading - and also just talking to me.

1961 - 7/13


My Guru - so Wonderful - after so long. grew conscious and was awake as from him poured on, rather streamed, great vibrations across but through every atom of my body - subtle currents that caused the OM both in sound and in feeling to increase to a great volume in me - through me and a divine contentment and happiness with it - Greater as it was greater. I seemed able to keep receptive to it by not letting thoughts intrude, as one feels a shower down and over one, this was through me from back and streamed within. How words miss the wonderful feeling that is a part of any Holy vibration. My Divine Guru - thank You!