From Kamala's Personal Papers

1959 - 1/3

Early,early this morning I woke and sat up in bed to meditate, lifted by a fragrance, deep, wonderful - telling me my Guru was here - With blessing through his presence. God! God! God! a little later I went to the other room, and as I rose the fragrance was in one place I passed. Later in the day I turned directly in 'Whispers' to these words 'This Royal Bee of Thine will drink no other honey but that which is graced by thy perfume.' How lovely the words 'Denying myself the honey of all pleasures at last I found the ambrosia hidden in thy Lotus - heart.' and 'Now I will roam no more, for thy aroma has quenched the Perfume - thirst of my soul.' Thank you, thank you, thank you, Blessed Guru, For coming. God, I love thee. God, I thank thee.

1974 - 3/22

Sr.B came up to see house - all A.M. there - Then planning commission, then city street department. Learned the house is about ON the earthquake fault - probably could not get building permit - This answer to my intuitive feeling came in late afternoon just before they were to leave - with approval - and it changed this to NO. I was so peaceful about this. Sr. B said to keep looking.

1960 - 8/6

Affirmation I am feeling and using. I sail in a sea of mystic light into the infinite sea - I sail with Christ on a still blue sea into a star of light.

1985 - 4/13

Tonight the OM came resounding in my ears and through me - bringing a great thankfulness, peace and contentment - thoughts of God - Spirit and Master filling my mind. (my first words in this diary - 1985)

1963 - 9/19

Oh Thou King of the InfiniteI behold thee in Samadhi In Joy, and in more Joy Babaji came to bless me. I am so filled with this tremendous happening I can not write of it yet. The remembrance is lifting me in joy and gratitude.

1959 - 3/10

Amazing dream. Danced with a sense of sailing thru vast distances.

1960 - 5/31

May 31st - A few days ago a woman - motherly in love - very heavy set in form - began to do the uplift technique with me - jumping - and I began to feel joy from it. She stopped and I sought to go on - but returned to 'here' - in bed from my conscious sleep state 'there.'

1985 - 6/21


Birthday - A spiritual blessing - all day was filled with great peace and withdrawn from all else, such contentment. A most special inner stillness - and as if part of great oneness in the peace of God - from Master in God.

1956 - 1/1

Samahdi - To go just behind the darkness of closed eyes to the light - to reach the peace of God until it becomes joyous timeless bliss - omnipresence.