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1967 10/12


I saw a robed figure in lotus posture, meditating. It appeared so softly before me - yet so briefly that I had only time to wonder if it were Master as the light was too soft (like moonlight) to see in that instant. While pondering on the spiritual force that I was feeling - and which continued for over an hour - I quietly lay down (from meditation) kept very still - and unexpectedly fell asleep - waking to see (with closed eyes, after this noontime nap) a Christmas tree, softly beautiful and decorated. But the star at the top of it was BRIGHT like a diamond, and as my gaze held it, I saw it was the INNER star of the spiritual eye - and I continued to gaze at it, brilliant and lovely, and all was very still in peace. I grew aware of the great peace and stillness that was filling me. I feel it, as I write this, 20 min. later.