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1982 - 3/9

A great spiritual peace - the whole night from midnight on and into whole morning. Prefect Peace - in 9th meditation with Bernadette - there was such stillness around me - in body, mind, room. Hours of greatest stillness pervading room and me. (no outside sounds either) But this was an inner stillness. A rare and wonderful blessing.

1982 - 12/29

In 3 hour meditation with Bernadette on the first part of Genesis (listening to OM - and seeing light and deeply absorbed in the words of Genesis - first lines) God and the word (cosmic vibration) and the light. I cried afterward - so filled with the beauty of attunement with God - in my heart. A spiritual pervading of this Divine Blessing.

1981 - 12/29

A very wonderful meditation with Bernadette. Great inner peace and stillness. Into a realm, deep and holy of God.

1978 - 1/26

Meditation with Bernadette over 1 1/2 Hrs. - felt pure joy of God pouring in me. Also the holy OM of God.

1962 - 11/29


Between 8 and 9:30 in the evening a strong need to nap after dinner (not usual at all for me). Dream followed I would call ' Daya in Rapture.' Was with Bernadette - Master in distance, we could see , with others. Waiting for him, Daya came in (large building like a lovely hotel) - and I saw she was immersed in inner joy. She looked so radiant that someone asked who she was. She was seated, but walked, then, down the hall playing symbols, a melody I consciously listened to hear the musical notes G, G, C, and G. She turned into a room - others followed her, I also - and as I passed her (she sat on a chair near the door.) I reached to touch her dress and pronam. Instantly she leaned forward and gave me a caress against my cheek - her rapture - Divine Rapture, was so apparent.