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1963 - 9/19

Oh Thou King of the InfiniteI behold thee in Samadhi In Joy, and in more Joy Babaji came to bless me. I am so filled with this tremendous happening I can not write of it yet. The remembrance is lifting me in joy and gratitude.

1959 - 3/10

Amazing dream. Danced with a sense of sailing thru vast distances.

1960 - 5/31

May 31st - A few days ago a woman - motherly in love - very heavy set in form - began to do the uplift technique with me - jumping - and I began to feel joy from it. She stopped and I sought to go on - but returned to 'here' - in bed from my conscious sleep state 'there.'

1965 - 2/8


In conscious sleep saw a beautiful swan - like a glass one in lovely lines of modern design - and all about his head rays of light went out - a symbolic vision of my Guru in God, (sailing to his shores with others, was suggested in my thoughts.) Beautiful, inspiring!

1962 - 11/29


Between 8 and 9:30 in the evening a strong need to nap after dinner (not usual at all for me). Dream followed I would call ' Daya in Rapture.' Was with Bernadette - Master in distance, we could see , with others. Waiting for him, Daya came in (large building like a lovely hotel) - and I saw she was immersed in inner joy. She looked so radiant that someone asked who she was. She was seated, but walked, then, down the hall playing symbols, a melody I consciously listened to hear the musical notes G, G, C, and G. She turned into a room - others followed her, I also - and as I passed her (she sat on a chair near the door.) I reached to touch her dress and pronam. Instantly she leaned forward and gave me a caress against my cheek - her rapture - Divine Rapture, was so apparent.