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1959 - 1/12

Dreamed of being with Master a long, wonderful one - awoke so full of joy from the blessed contact.

1959 - 8/9

In night dreamed of Master - Woke late with first body relaxation in months - complete. I have been praying for this kind of relaxation - For so many spiritual experiences in the past came when in this state.

1959 - 11/1

A dream talking with Master on phone. He was not saying much - I asked if I had phoned at an inconvenient hour - He said little - I asked if I couldn't see him. Suddenly I was in the room with him. His smile showed friendly welcome and I sensed a pleasure I had persisted rather than not.

1960 - 4/21

Dearest dream of Master. Others were present, busy, but seemed to pay little attention to Master and I - together - as they tended to building a fire in the fireplace, preparing a meal in the kitchen etc. Something made Master happy someway, giving a cry of 'oh' and I received a wonderful feeling from his presence. I was aware that Master and I both knew Dr. Lewis had passed on, but that he was waiting until word came thruregular channel that would inform everyone there. Previously we had driven through an area on a hillside - I mentioned a rustic house - he said 'no' - that it didn't have enough light - wasn't 'high enough' for sunlight, etc. Then the wonderful dear part - with him. Thank you, Master. I feel so richly rewarded by this dear dream with you. So dear - my beloved guru. Meditating in the morning I knew the exact feeling that caused Master to say 'Oh' I too, felt it and said it impulsively when I realized. So wonderful.[Ed: Kamala later added 'Phoned Daya - learned of Dr. Lewis' passing.']

1981 - 8/21

Awoke after a long dream of being with Master at Santa Barbara area and home there. The peace with it, and absence of mind busy with thoughts. So peaceful.

1981 - 5/20

In sleep was phoning - a secretary answered and I asked a question and Master, in the background replied with another question. I answered and phone went down so I was out of touch, but the voice of Master filled me with a holy blessing - so dear and rich - like no other voice and clear - as if beside me.

1980 - 3/31

Awoke from being with Master just as when he was with us long ago - and the same joy. As he was to leave I ran up to him, and the thought I spoke was accepted by him and I was to be with him longer. So joyous I was as the happiness with him is so perfect in one's heart. Such a blessing. It was an earthly setting - large room - open to outside area.

1964 - 11/4


This afternoon I fell asleep while reading (rare for me) and was with Master. I was overjoyed to see him. I said 'You are in your body' and 'Let me keep on seeing you.' and I believe it may be he had been in the subtle (Hiranyaloka) and beyond - in the Realm where body was forgotten and now instead of his blessings coming in this spirit 'formless' way only now again, he came 'in form.' There were several of us with him - walking in a suite of hall - like rooms. Sister Mrinalini was there mostly. I did not notice others much. I was close to Master - or sometimes alone with him in a room - my eyes devouring sight of him - the blessing of joyous in me. I woke up from my nap in GREAT inner stillness, joyous. I am so blessed - so great a 'Still' awareness in the Peace of God. Master - your present is still filling me with joy, hours later.

1965 - 12/8


Joyous awakening! Between 6 and 6:30 this morning - in sleep - Master greeted me, on a street with a warm happy welcoming embrace, arms about me, and then wafted to me, from his very self, the most wonderful fragrance, I stood very still, head against his coat and it kept coming to me. Then he smilingly asked me something and as I replied someone came by and spoke to him. His smile, his welcome, his embrace, and fragrance! The sweetest of all joys, af all gifts - his love thus expressed. I had gone to sleep planning the Christmas Meditation - at 6am with Master. I still feel the bliss - that Master wafted into me with that fragrance - growing, deepening as I inhaled it, in stillness.