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1981 -4/2

'Like a divine mirror my Guru had caught a reflection on my whole life.'

1974 - 6/21

My Birthday. So many Blessings. I am blessed with my Mother - her love and dear care of me. I am at the cottage she gave me. At the place I came with Papa and Mother at age 3. The area I was drawn to. Blessed by God, Master and our Paramgurus. Recollection of being with 4 Masters in 1972 Jan. 13.

1973 - 9/5


Tonight - deep Kriya - 4th initiation practice - SO BLESSED and peaceful I felt 'at my Guru's lotus feet' then thought through your EYES - I will merge into the Infinite. Great bessings about me in cottage now. I have also such a happy glow about tomorrow. I love Edward and these days are a joy. I think again looking in my guru's eyes. I swim in the Infinite. Such a joyous feeling fills me. It only lessens when I try to analyze it. I feel joyous. Oh my Guru, my Guru, I feel lifted out of the mortal into a spiritual joy - that touches all the mortal daily things. It is a special GRACE from God and Guru.

1965 - 2/8


In conscious sleep saw a beautiful swan - like a glass one in lovely lines of modern design - and all about his head rays of light went out - a symbolic vision of my Guru in God, (sailing to his shores with others, was suggested in my thoughts.) Beautiful, inspiring!

1961 - 7/13


My Guru - so Wonderful - after so long. grew conscious and was awake as from him poured on, rather streamed, great vibrations across but through every atom of my body - subtle currents that caused the OM both in sound and in feeling to increase to a great volume in me - through me and a divine contentment and happiness with it - Greater as it was greater. I seemed able to keep receptive to it by not letting thoughts intrude, as one feels a shower down and over one, this was through me from back and streamed within. How words miss the wonderful feeling that is a part of any Holy vibration. My Divine Guru - thank You!