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1974 - 12/24

Arrived back from Dentist and found the most beautiful and huge - plant of white poinsettias from 'SRF temple at Richmond' members.

1974 - 6/30


I am thinking of our lovely chapel in Richmond - and that all these hours the Dedication Services are taking place.

1974 - 4/7


At 1:30 A.M. a very real 'astral' telephone conversation with Daya. She called me and all discussion was about coming up to see the church property - favorable to arranging it, to carry on with it.

1974 - 4/4


Saw church inside and loved it! Everything about it. Signed an offer, subject to Mt. W's approval.

1974 - 4/2


Saw a church in Richmond. Could not see inside - it is 11 miles from here.I  think of the bliss of God - of Master; I hear beautiful music, I delight with thankfulness in my blessings.