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1960 - 4/9

We left Oakland for Portland - overnight at Yreka with Doris and George. Seeing thier Chapel. Doorbell rang and Fred C. came after meditation I felt guidance to show him the light and God's presence was like a dynamic electric charging - we all felt - he said 'Oh the light is growing more and more. I don't know what to do.' and he sobbed at the glory he felt.

1981 - 1/1

My PrayerLet diversity merge into Light. Let form melt into Light - all objects become Light. Let my consciousness reach the Star of Light in the tunnel to eternity and merge into thy vastness and omnipresence - finding my spirit within thy spirit! Sitting up - in meditation - August 1969Saw Master (as in picture) hands in prayer, but he was there (not a picture). Light spread from his hands, up, out, and upward - then this light formed into a Lotus of Light - (above his prayer hands) then formed into a Rose of Light - then again into streaming Rays of Light. Beautiful! Conscious vision. (Lasted about five minutes as best I can guess.)

1977 - 1/1


A.Y. Sri Yukteswar: 'The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery.' p.246 My Prayer: I sail with God in the Infinite sea - Into a sea of light. (In infinity - in eternity, - merging in the formless essence of spirit)Sometimes I pray: I sail on a sea of mystic light - into the infinite sea. I sail on the still blue cosmic sea, into a star of light.In omnipresence - light above, beneath, left, right, everywhere in formless spirit - in infinite bliss of God.bMaster - I bow to you - in reverence. May we walk with you - and follow your guidance.

1976 - 12/15


Tonight 5 P.M. coming out of the kitchen into living room the air was filled with the sweet fragrance of ROSES. Edward could smell it too. Said is it an astral fragrance? It was. First blessing like this for a long time. So happy. Thanking Master. In 1969 in Mediation I saw Master's picture as living - Light Rays spread out from his hands, out and up - Then formed into a Lotus of Light - Then into a Rose of Light - Then again into streaming Rays of Light. A beautiful vision - consciously seeing it.

1961 - 11/17


Meditated deeply late in night until I felt God's joy. Then early, awoke looking into scene in 3rd eye - inner sight. Saw a garden scene illumined with light so bright that on earth I never have beheld any like it. Oh the light - I looked in happy amazement at the lovely scene in living light. I tried to go into the garden (further) and my effort caused the scene to vanish.