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1976 - 8/15


'The world is too much with us - early and late.' (Longfellow or Tennyson or ?) They are words I know are true. I see passing scenes, hear words instead of the vast spaces of Infinity and the quiet of timelessness. I will return to that state of divine stillness of awareness of spirit alone - as I make effort - in Devotion, Hong Sau and Kriya.

1961 - 8/26


Sunday morning meditation. Had a feeling of Cosmic devotion which grew from visualized concept of the devotee being in Love with the Cosmic Director and Producer of the drama of activity - daily role in life - and our return to be alone with him between performances - (meditation) and recollection during activity. But when alone to be so in love that all is forgotten. How unlike one in love to think of anything when with the betrothed. Only love - making - with the Divine - and it is pure joy through devotion that becomes Cosmic. When self and all else is forgotten the light come softly shining!