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1981 - 9/17

Spent all night in prayer - in peace and joy and close to God. Quiet in mind and body and emotions - so attuned in prayer to God, Master and Paramgurus. So bathed in the peace - then after 6 a.m. sleep - woke in ordinary consciousness. Such a difference!

1981 - 9/14

Re-reading 'The Way of a Pilgrim' and my prayers to God and Master, so treasured, to feel ever closer in atunement. Prayer - To feel the vastness of spirit within my consciousness.

1980 - 4/28

I prayed - 'I am soul - Thou art spirit - attune me to Thee. Pervade me with Thy light.'

1976 - 8/16


My Prayer 'God change my darkness to thy Light.' To affirm and live by.

1976 - 7/9


Around 4 A.M. a great inner tension - even after long prayer - then an inner lifting into a complete peace. My goal is to be established in God - My Only Goal.

1966 -9/18


Prayer to Master, asking 'why?' of 1965 recurring feeling. Awoke from vivid vision - giving me hope. I was in a tunnel, very dark in back, and around, but end was in sight, with road and clear skies ahead.



After feeling a tremendous sadness - so unusual, so deep - I prayed long to know the reason. Desired to call Martha to ask about her and Alice. Martha told me Alice had a stroke. Edward and I went at once - sat two hours by her, stroking her hair and face, as she liked it. She talked to us. This was our last time she was conscious when there. My sadness led us there 'in time' - because I prayed and learned the reason for it from God.