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1977 - 5/31


A tremendous blessing around me. Last night was there - today increased. God, my Guru and Paramgurus answered prayer. May it continue - a happiness - inner peace - and a feeling of graciousness, about all the glow of spiritual joy. Thank you God and Holy Ones. I have another wonderful feeling - as if the Holy Ones came to take some kind of care of plans, of me. That I needn't puzzle or take any charge mentally. I feel 'in their care' especially in their care, now and each day. As a doctor may leave a patient to 'mend alone,' but he is aware and comes at the moment new directions require his knowledgable care. It is a blessed feeling - Holy Ones in my life always - but with their presence in this way. A sacred feeling - I hardly should try to interpret it- even with words here. I'll just relax in the sense of the Eternal pevading me. Master's words 'Concentrate on the Immortality, and not on the changes.' Remembrance of the unchanging eternal Self.

1978 - 1/5


Master's Birthday. Just after midnight, my prayers to thank God for Master - and to thank Master for so much. I can't begin to say how much - especially for being himself - united in God.

1959 - 2/17


It is like a miracle! I was praying so deeply to God - how the pain of a problem kept my meditations from him - and suddenly I was lifted above it into a peace, so complete, and the pain gone. The problem remained to concern mind - but no pain to keep me from God. It is permanent! I know it and oh how I thank you God. I love you God, I love you God.