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1985 - 6/21


Birthday - A spiritual blessing - all day was filled with great peace and withdrawn from all else, such contentment. A most special inner stillness - and as if part of great oneness in the peace of God - from Master in God.

1981 - 4/7

Late in evening a deep, deep peace as if a Holy blessing filled the room. I felt as if in God's presence with Master near.

1980 - 12/2

My blessing continues from yesterday (the 1st) through this day and night too.

1980 - 12/1

This evening the inner peace of God has filled me - my body is still, my mind in this repose in God. A great spiritual blessing.

1980 - 11/4

Last week - not recorded yet.A spiritual experience of a wonderful immersion in devotion and of God's presence - for hours - and God everywhere. So beautiful - so complete. God is the most soul-satisfying.

1977 - 6/26


Lovely fragrance in my room and the 'Last Smile' picture of Master was living - his eyes dancing with joy and beauty. God visible! So personal and so great a blessing. Thank You Master. (Personal, by looking so right in my eyes in joyous greeting.)

1977 - 5/31


A tremendous blessing around me. Last night was there - today increased. God, my Guru and Paramgurus answered prayer. May it continue - a happiness - inner peace - and a feeling of graciousness, about all the glow of spiritual joy. Thank you God and Holy Ones. I have another wonderful feeling - as if the Holy Ones came to take some kind of care of plans, of me. That I needn't puzzle or take any charge mentally. I feel 'in their care' especially in their care, now and each day. As a doctor may leave a patient to 'mend alone,' but he is aware and comes at the moment new directions require his knowledgable care. It is a blessed feeling - Holy Ones in my life always - but with their presence in this way. A sacred feeling - I hardly should try to interpret it- even with words here. I'll just relax in the sense of the Eternal pevading me. Master's words 'Concentrate on the Immortality, and not on the changes.' Remembrance of the unchanging eternal Self.

1976 - 9/25


"'The world is too much with us, early and late.' Especially for ones who are older. Many scenes and dramas to recall. Not the 'earth' or the beauties of God's creation. But the drama of people we know and ourselves. We should be drawn from God - Consciousness to our daily life. Not from absorption in things - needing to pull up to God awareness.'Stillness within, alone with God.'**Meaning we dwell in 'things' not in God and so need effort to go to God. Should need effort to get involved in 'things! 'Should find it hard to turn from God. "

1977 - 12/29


I read all of 'Silence' in Master's Metaphysical Meditations. It was helpful to my night (around 4 A.M.) meditation. 'Love the inactivity of Silence' - That is the state of consciousness that brought me divine realizations through Grace of God and Master. Life develop habits of actions in thought and deeds that make busy-ness seem either interesting or important. One must be in or return to [the state] where we love the inactivity of Silence!

1977 - 12/30

Awoke early A.M. to have the spiritual blessing of a gentle holy vibration permeating through my whole being - like pranic energy - by God and Master on 30th.