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1978 - 7/3

"The soul alone, original and pure, gives itself to the lovely original and pure - who on that condition gladly inhabits it. I love this truth as Master says it - we can't become God, but God can become us.'(inhabit us)"

1978 - 2/22


This is such a blessed holy stillness that I have had - of body - then to mind and spirit. From long meditation - I want and do continue it on and on. It is as long ago - when the spirit can be all because the body is forgotten - so blessed. Kabir on Page 122, so one with Flawless Mirror, Pages 216 and 217 - experience and holy direction of Master. May all this life drop from my soul except the holy and the beautiful - so my soul - 'Alone, Original and Pure may go to the Lovely, Original and Pure - who will then gladly inhabit it.' Not exactly as Emerson said, but as I recall it.