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Master to Kamala 1926


1926 CincinnatiDear Kamala, I will have to reply to you in telegrams for I am just fighting for time. I was very pleased to receive your wire and airmail letter. It seems it is just one day since the Oct. 3rd when I came here. I had great success. I am so glad to know that you and doctor understand. I shall always remember this. It is good to know those that are not swayed by sentiment but know exactly how matters stand. I am glad you know of my sincerity. That is my richest treasure. I am so tied up in December that it is impossible to get away - I have to cover several places. 

I wish I was in Los Angeles to see you all and straighten matters. Oh how I wish that. It is alright to go thru Dr. Lohman's treatments now. Once in a while go to the Sunday meetings. I appreciate so much of your appreciation. Prepare yourself for God's great work. I am more than please above all to know you never spoke a hard word to anyone. Spiritual helpers must learn to bear insults with smiling faces and kind heart - blessing heart from within. Then you shall know God. Write to me often. I will be here up to 28th of Nov. 

With blessings always very Sincerely your, Swami Yogananda