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From the Letters of Anthony Plumer


Anthony Kamala1985This was one of the last letters I received from Kamala, and I have given the original letter to to share with devotees. I hope it will clarify and even comfort devotees of Paramhansa Yogananda as to her continued and warm relationship with Self-Realization Fellowship and Daya Mata.

Over the years that I had the privilege to correspond with Kamala, I never really asked any questions of a personal nature. The ongoing questions and discussions were about the Master, meditation, his teachings, and so forth. Part of this letter is a discussion about a young devotee in the Bay Area who had written to Kamala after reading her book, The Flawless Mirror. She had mentioned his interest to me of living in a situation or environment that had a strong focus upon the Master and his teachings. At that time, I rented several rooms in my home to individuals interested in yoga and meditation.

She also responded, however, to another question of mine. Since I knew nothing of her current relationship with SRF, I offered to purchase books and tapes for her. I knew she was retired and lived in seclusion, and she answered my question in this letter explaining that relations with SRF and Daya Mata were friendly and ongoing. She also adds comments about her own book, and also about the new recordings of Yogananda being released at that time by SRF.

I was very happy to learn that she and Daya ... READ MORE

1959 - 12/23

Christmas Holidays - Holy days at Mt Washington. Daya's experience in Divine Mother's love - her sobs - her bliss. I knew then for the first time the feeling for myself of the Mother aspect of God. Now I see and feel both.

1960 - 4/21

Dearest dream of Master. Others were present, busy, but seemed to pay little attention to Master and I - together - as they tended to building a fire in the fireplace, preparing a meal in the kitchen etc. Something made Master happy someway, giving a cry of 'oh' and I received a wonderful feeling from his presence. I was aware that Master and I both knew Dr. Lewis had passed on, but that he was waiting until word came thruregular channel that would inform everyone there. Previously we had driven through an area on a hillside - I mentioned a rustic house - he said 'no' - that it didn't have enough light - wasn't 'high enough' for sunlight, etc. Then the wonderful dear part - with him. Thank you, Master. I feel so richly rewarded by this dear dream with you. So dear - my beloved guru. Meditating in the morning I knew the exact feeling that caused Master to say 'Oh' I too, felt it and said it impulsively when I realized. So wonderful.[Ed: Kamala later added 'Phoned Daya - learned of Dr. Lewis' passing.']

1974 - 4/7


At 1:30 A.M. a very real 'astral' telephone conversation with Daya. She called me and all discussion was about coming up to see the church property - favorable to arranging it, to carry on with it.

1962 - 11/29


Between 8 and 9:30 in the evening a strong need to nap after dinner (not usual at all for me). Dream followed I would call ' Daya in Rapture.' Was with Bernadette - Master in distance, we could see , with others. Waiting for him, Daya came in (large building like a lovely hotel) - and I saw she was immersed in inner joy. She looked so radiant that someone asked who she was. She was seated, but walked, then, down the hall playing symbols, a melody I consciously listened to hear the musical notes G, G, C, and G. She turned into a room - others followed her, I also - and as I passed her (she sat on a chair near the door.) I reached to touch her dress and pronam. Instantly she leaned forward and gave me a caress against my cheek - her rapture - Divine Rapture, was so apparent.

1962 - 10/3


On early morning on the 3rd - A large gathering - where Master was present. I greeted him and a I left to walk by many who were seated I saw Sister Daya. I thought how Divine her nature. Passing before her I felt a wish to draw close to her as she welcomed me I leaned my cheek against her and then this great experience - upon touching her. I shot - precipitated with a great upsurge - through the top of my head. All of me was sucked - pulled - drawn out of the top of my head leaving the body untenanted. Whether only physical, or astral body too, I do not know - but I could feel the going through my head - as one can feel a tight garment being pulled from it. It took all of me with a 'whoosh' into the vast heavens, and I went on and on and on - so wonderful a freedom. The universe was as at night - starlit - stars and moonlight. As I went on hundreds of miles I began to wonder 'Am I going to go on now - to die to the physical body?' It was a wonderful feeling to be zooming on and on - and then it seemed to be darker to my sight. Thinking it a test of God - I said 'God, I want to be wherever you want me.' Meaning that even if I did not like the dark I would be there gladly if God willed - But as if in reply - instantly I was back in my body - in my room. But the immense feeling continued - of vastness - not confined to the body. In fact I could not feel my body for many minutes except the breath, which was very ... READ MORE

1962 - 8/28


Asleep between 10 and 1p.m. today and was with Daya and Mataji. They came to see me. Daya showed me a christmas evergreen she brought for the house. When alone with her she greeted me with a loving embrace and kiss which was a spiritual blessing. A holy vibration pervaded me - of her own holiness. The True import was the uplift-ment which was present as I wakened. I sat up to meditate at once - immersed in a Divine Glow and withdrawn from outer things - consciousness expanded, to feel the radiance about me - not aware of body. I felt as Daya looks in so many pictures - absorbed in inner beatitude. It was imparted from her to me. The Light glowed without effort to see it. How wonderful the feeling in Spirit! A Blessing I needed - was 'Conscious in Dream.'