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1960 - 4/21

Dearest dream of Master. Others were present, busy, but seemed to pay little attention to Master and I - together - as they tended to building a fire in the fireplace, preparing a meal in the kitchen etc. Something made Master happy someway, giving a cry of 'oh' and I received a wonderful feeling from his presence. I was aware that Master and I both knew Dr. Lewis had passed on, but that he was waiting until word came thruregular channel that would inform everyone there. Previously we had driven through an area on a hillside - I mentioned a rustic house - he said 'no' - that it didn't have enough light - wasn't 'high enough' for sunlight, etc. Then the wonderful dear part - with him. Thank you, Master. I feel so richly rewarded by this dear dream with you. So dear - my beloved guru. Meditating in the morning I knew the exact feeling that caused Master to say 'Oh' I too, felt it and said it impulsively when I realized. So wonderful.[Ed: Kamala later added 'Phoned Daya - learned of Dr. Lewis' passing.']