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A Friendship in Letters



It was around 1976 when I was first attending the Self-Realization Services in Encinitas that I had the great happiness of reading Kamala Silva's wonderful book, The Flawless Mirror. I had been following other spiritual teachings and meditation methods, and her book was as inestimable help to me personally in coming to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Her book made the Master seem so "present", Divine yet also near and dear. I am so deeply grateful that it fell into my hands at just the right time.

It did not occur to me that I would ever meet the author or correspond with her. But in 1981 during an extremely traumatic and difficult time in my life, I felt drawn toward writing to the Piedmont Station address in her book, which I still had. She wrote back almost immediately, and for the next four years I was blessed to correspond with her about many spiritual topics, and especially about Paramhansa Yogananda.

But I was only one of many devotees to whom she gave so much time and truly divine Friendship. After retiring from her many years as an SRF minister in the San Francisco Bay area, she continued serving by counseling countless devotees through years of personal correspondence. She poured out all of this wisdom and insight and loving kindness freely.

It is a special joy now to be able to submit some of these letters, excerpts of various letters for the ... READ MORE

From the Letters of Anthony Plumer


Anthony Kamala1985This was one of the last letters I received from Kamala, and I have given the original letter to to share with devotees. I hope it will clarify and even comfort devotees of Paramhansa Yogananda as to her continued and warm relationship with Self-Realization Fellowship and Daya Mata.

Over the years that I had the privilege to correspond with Kamala, I never really asked any questions of a personal nature. The ongoing questions and discussions were about the Master, meditation, his teachings, and so forth. Part of this letter is a discussion about a young devotee in the Bay Area who had written to Kamala after reading her book, The Flawless Mirror. She had mentioned his interest to me of living in a situation or environment that had a strong focus upon the Master and his teachings. At that time, I rented several rooms in my home to individuals interested in yoga and meditation.

She also responded, however, to another question of mine. Since I knew nothing of her current relationship with SRF, I offered to purchase books and tapes for her. I knew she was retired and lived in seclusion, and she answered my question in this letter explaining that relations with SRF and Daya Mata were friendly and ongoing. She also adds comments about her own book, and also about the new recordings of Yogananda being released at that time by SRF.

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