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Bonnie Reed Koobatian and Haig Koobatian


Bonnie HaigKamala's closest friend and confidant from the 1950s through the very end of her life was Bonnie Reed. Bonnie was her beloved secretary and also helped with editing and polishing both of Kamala's books, The Flawless Mirror and Priceless Precepts. Bonnie married Haig Koobatian in the early 1960s.

Haig Koobatian had been a high school teacher before becoming a B17 bomber navigator during WWII. When he returned home from the war, he returned to college and earned an MBA. His father was an early member of SRF, and in 1952 Master called Haig home to SRF as well. Haig became a devoted student of Master's revered disciple, Dr. Lewis, and studied with him for many years. Haig later found his true calling as a healer. At the age of 57, he graduated from chiropractic school and went into practice. Haig still sees patients today, at age 87, ever ready to help anyone destiny brings his way.

Haig and Bonnie Koobatian were mainstays of the Sacramento Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Group. They helped to establish the Center there, and both of them served selflessly for decades to support Master's work in Northern California. Bonnie Reed Koobatian passed away in October 2005 and is still sorely missed by many of us. Such a dear sweet soul.