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Mother - Dr. Frances Grant Buchanan


MotherKamala's mother and dearest friend for most of her life was a loving, wonderful mom. She was, on the one hand, extremely open-minded and brave, and had no qualms about taking her impressionable daughter to see an exotic Indian Swami lecture or even welcoming him as their guest of honor into their homes. On the other hand, she was fiercely protective of her lovely child.

During their stays at the Mt. Washington headquarters, Dr. Buchanan would not take even the briefest trips to Santa Barbara without appointing a surrogate mother to fill her own shoes, going so far as insisting that her appointed chaperone had a bed to use at night in Kamala's room while she was away. An avid photographer, we have Dr. Buchanan to thank for many captivating photos of Kamala from her childhood through young adulthood. We'll be adding many of these to the site in the coming months.

This photo was taken in their newly built home, into which they settled shortly after meeting Swami Yogananda and entertaining him at their cottage in Manhattan Beach.