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1980 - 6/5

Tonight at 10:30 P.M. a blessing. Master and the Gardenia fragrance. So lovely.

1981 - 1/4

I had long meditation in a.m. Also wonderful astral fragrance blessing.

1977 - 6/26


Lovely fragrance in my room and the 'Last Smile' picture of Master was living - his eyes dancing with joy and beauty. God visible! So personal and so great a blessing. Thank You Master. (Personal, by looking so right in my eyes in joyous greeting.)

1977 - 4/14


Nicest time to come into room to sweet astral gardenia fragrance. I called Edward to come in. He spoke of it at once. A Blessing - Thank You Master.

1976 - 12/15


Tonight 5 P.M. coming out of the kitchen into living room the air was filled with the sweet fragrance of ROSES. Edward could smell it too. Said is it an astral fragrance? It was. First blessing like this for a long time. So happy. Thanking Master. In 1969 in Mediation I saw Master's picture as living - Light Rays spread out from his hands, out and up - Then formed into a Lotus of Light - Then into a Rose of Light - Then again into streaming Rays of Light. A beautiful vision - consciously seeing it.

1974 - 3/23


While beside my altar this morning a most WONDERFUL FRAGRANCE deep and lasting about 5 minutes, which was astral. So happy to have this blessing. Not a fragrance I can place - not floral - or incense - but delightful. I kept inhaling to have more of it to savor.

1974 - 3/13


Had a very strong fragrance today for a little while - like NICE incense.