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Kamala's Last Birthday Party


Party FinalJune 21, 1997 was Kamala's last birthday. About ten of us gathered to celebrate with Kamala. Because there were so many of us, the staff suggested we use the facility's social room, a pretty space with lots of windows and comfy seating.

We brought her funny little gifts that she enjoyed, like the silly blue ribbon she wears in the photo, with #1 imprinted in gold on its face. She really seemed tickled when we pinned that ribbon onto her sweater.

The Dunlop's brought a harmonium, and Jan played several of Master's chants. Kamala did not chant with us, but she smiled broadly and nodded her head to the music. She especially enjoyed O, Thou King of the Infinite, which Edward later told us was her favorite chant.

Kamala was in her element. She even asked to go to the piano and "tickle the keys," which astounded the St. Joseph's staff, who had not even been aware that Kamala could play the piano. 

It is a happy memory. We feel so blessed to have been able to make Kamala so happy on her special day, her final birthday on this earth.