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1960 - 8/6

Affirmation I am feeling and using. I sail in a sea of mystic light into the infinite sea - I sail with Christ on a still blue sea into a star of light.

1981 - 12/15

Affirmation in meditation was - 'God, please come into the stillness of my Soul,' and I threw out thoughts and only had the yearning for God - deep yearning.

1978 - 12/24

Affirmations:'I will renounce everything that interferes with my engagement to meditate on thee in daily awakened silence.''The moment I am restless or disturbed in mind, I will retire to silence and meditation until calmness is restored.''I will transfer my consciousness to the inner world.'

1975 - 11/17


I will begin a new expression. Not the 'facts' explaining my person - but with this affirmation, 'I express peace; I express tranquility; I reflect serenity; In joy I live, and move; in bliss I have my being.

1960 - 11/17


Meditating today - I affirmed my plan: 'Stop trying to resolve the problems in life. Stop trying to understand the inconsistence in life and the cruelties - especially to animals, but all kinds. Abandon Sankalpa.' Time so spent takes time from God - spends one's energy to no avail. After my above affirnation I felt a tremendous sense of well being.