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1963 - 9/19

Oh Thou King of the InfiniteI behold thee in Samadhi In Joy, and in more Joy Babaji came to bless me. I am so filled with this tremendous happening I can not write of it yet. The remembrance is lifting me in joy and gratitude.

1977 - 3/27


I don't speak of my meditation very much in my diary - but God and Guru are my strength and every thought that sustains me. Now, to say I have been reading of Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya in the A.Y. - especially thinking of and feeling them - so guided.

1977 - 3/29


Long thoughts remembering the wonder of Babaji's presence three times - when I was aware. Tremendous blessings twice, and seeing him close by me the third time. Long in presence of him - with L.M., S.Y. and Master - all. Once beside me, bestowing holy vibrations through me.

1963 - 9/22


Babaji's Blessing came the day after this following truth became REALIZED in me. I have known - but it has now become REALIZED - that as long as we want anything from another person that they do not CHOOSE to give, or cannot give - their nature being what it is, in habits, tendencies, idea, etc., - it will bring either unhappiness to our self, or conflict with that one. People give what they desire to give - not necessarily what is right, or obviously a duty, or that is kind, or considerate - or loyal, or anything that consensus would agree is the only 'right' thing. When people do give all that we desire from them, it is their giving. (God's blessing to us) Not because we want. (or need it or that they therefore should do so)To illustrateWe have a 'right' to expect cooperation, honesty, loyalty and integrity in a business partnership. If we do not find it in someone, we must cease expecting, since that one gives just what he can, or choose, or is able in his development. (he may change someday; we cannot force it or hurry it) It is a concept taught in the Gita (desirelessness) and now I REALIZE it, it gives new meaning to the words 'Tolerance' and 'Do not Criticize Others' and - as the Gita said 'Cessation of Desire (any kind) bring peace in it's place.' And 'I accept' Mother's amusing phrase 'Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall be satisfied!'

1963 - 9/21


A tremendous experience! A blessing from Babaji. It was during conscious sleep early this morning. I grew aware. I was walking with a few others in a rocky, rugged area, a mountain, - It was moonlight. I was told, or knew we were going to see Babaji - that he would come out of a cone - like opening in the hill right before us. I closed my eyes to concentrate upon removing all thoughts so I could best benefit from this great moment coming - (I sat on a bench of stone, or rock where the path widened in a clearing, evidence of past campfires, darkened stones etc. - in front of the bench) Suddenly Babaji was right beside me. All along my right side I felt touched - as warmth or immersion in water feels to one - and an instant later - before I could open my eyes, his Blessing came through a series of gentle but forceful currents moving RAPIDLY from my head down through my whole body in waves - curving waves, and repeating, several times. I was then back in my room thinking of the wonder of it - the first time I ever recall Babaji's presence consciously (except when all Gurus and Paramgurus together - as such a force I did not try to differentiate) I felt the blessing. It felt 'good' the way one means by some holy benediction. I am so grateful, happy and glad about it. I wished I had had open eyes - but know he did not intend this, or I would, so it is just a note, not a regret. I had what I had not known before. ... READ MORE

1959 - 7/25


July 25 - This Morning after Kriya and watching the sun rise - a great golden ball over Ben Lomond - I opened the A.Y. to these words: 'When your book is finished I shall pay you a visit.' from chap. 36 of 'Babaji's Interest in the West.'