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1977 - 3/27


I don't speak of my meditation very much in my diary - but God and Guru are my strength and every thought that sustains me. Now, to say I have been reading of Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya in the A.Y. - especially thinking of and feeling them - so guided.

1977 - 1/1


A.Y. Sri Yukteswar: 'The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery.' p.246 My Prayer: I sail with God in the Infinite sea - Into a sea of light. (In infinity - in eternity, - merging in the formless essence of spirit)Sometimes I pray: I sail on a sea of mystic light - into the infinite sea. I sail on the still blue cosmic sea, into a star of light.In omnipresence - light above, beneath, left, right, everywhere in formless spirit - in infinite bliss of God.bMaster - I bow to you - in reverence. May we walk with you - and follow your guidance.

1976 - 7/19


Once seeking an 'exact' answer about my book, my fingers touched the words in the A.Y. 'The lord has spoken his own wish through your lips.' I had prayed deeply first, for God and Master to answer.

1976 - 7/29


In the night meditation, reading and Kriya I read; 'Kriya serves to... enlarge the consciousness to Infinity.' pg 249 AY (to switch currents from 5 sense telephones - to unite mind with divine realms.)

1959 - 7/25


July 25 - This Morning after Kriya and watching the sun rise - a great golden ball over Ben Lomond - I opened the A.Y. to these words: 'When your book is finished I shall pay you a visit.' from chap. 36 of 'Babaji's Interest in the West.'