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1977 - 4/14


Nicest time to come into room to sweet astral gardenia fragrance. I called Edward to come in. He spoke of it at once. A Blessing - Thank You Master.

1977 - 1/29


I recall the time Edward and I visited Master and my bursting into tears as I walked near him with Edward by me. - The impact of his holy presence after being away from him. It was a sudden unexpected eruption, without any thought in my mind - only emotion of deep feeling.

1976 - 12/15


Tonight 5 P.M. coming out of the kitchen into living room the air was filled with the sweet fragrance of ROSES. Edward could smell it too. Said is it an astral fragrance? It was. First blessing like this for a long time. So happy. Thanking Master. In 1969 in Mediation I saw Master's picture as living - Light Rays spread out from his hands, out and up - Then formed into a Lotus of Light - Then into a Rose of Light - Then again into streaming Rays of Light. A beautiful vision - consciously seeing it.

1978 - 1/2


Meditating after Edward's return from trip. I forgot to see the Rose Parade in A.M. Glad God was first on the altar of my thoughts. 'Habit Activities' are very strong in our consciousness. God - help me to turn first to thee, as a mother turns to her child - as the treasure of her heart.

1975 - 12/19


Words and wisdom of when to apply which ones. Involvements or non-interference. Acceptance - or effort to change. Inner bless - or compassion, with its inevitable pain, {for pain of any} Only one who does not know compassion can believe both go together - anymore than staying tranquil under torture can be. It is the same as another is 'felt for' as for one's self. {Krishna said is the highest} Not sure Master's wishes - but the sadness of Edward's need for good health, yet the OM filling me - and in Master's talk the words of Christ - sending the comforter. {OM} I will go deeply to feel God's guidance of our lives, my feelings, and all - remembering we are his, as he created us. He knows our drama as he wants it played. May I be attuned to know - in mind, heart emotions and spirit. I will pray for perception, to answer my conduct in thought and action and reaction in his way for me. I don't have my answers yet - but feel Master's help. God is our creator - to care for us. I need to remember so I don't feel so helpless in my longing to help him feel well.

1974 - 1/16


Another date for memories: The Chrysler car Master said we should have - given Edward by his brother around 23 years ago.

1973 - 9/5


Tonight - deep Kriya - 4th initiation practice - SO BLESSED and peaceful I felt 'at my Guru's lotus feet' then thought through your EYES - I will merge into the Infinite. Great bessings about me in cottage now. I have also such a happy glow about tomorrow. I love Edward and these days are a joy. I think again looking in my guru's eyes. I swim in the Infinite. Such a joyous feeling fills me. It only lessens when I try to analyze it. I feel joyous. Oh my Guru, my Guru, I feel lifted out of the mortal into a spiritual joy - that touches all the mortal daily things. It is a special GRACE from God and Guru.

1973 - 9/1


In my concern over Edward in mountains after dark - I asked Master to look after him, and waves of Peace filled me.



After feeling a tremendous sadness - so unusual, so deep - I prayed long to know the reason. Desired to call Martha to ask about her and Alice. Martha told me Alice had a stroke. Edward and I went at once - sat two hours by her, stroking her hair and face, as she liked it. She talked to us. This was our last time she was conscious when there. My sadness led us there 'in time' - because I prayed and learned the reason for it from God.