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Kamala and the Saint Joseph's Patio


Kamals Book11After her years of seclusion, while at St. Joseph's Convalescent Hospital in Castro Valley Kamala loved to have visitors. When we first found out about her residence at St. Joseph's, she had not had visitors for quite some time. Carol (Catalina) had some experience with nursing homes from her youth, and she insisted that we maintain a steady presence at St. Joseph's because when elderly have no visitors, their care is sometimes neglected. 

Carol also suggested that we get Kamala several little cotton housecoats, the kind with the zipper front or button front, several pairs of slippers, and some sweaters, and that everything be marked with indelible ink to identify Kamala's items in the various communal closets the staff would often use. Because Kamala dearly loved being outdoors on the patio, we also purchased as many lap blankets as possible and marked them all accordingly.

Whenever the weather permitted, we would take Kamala to the patio for her lunchtime. It seems in retrospect that the weather was most often good when we were there, because I remember very rare occasions when we were not able to go to the patio. 

Kamala was a strict vegetarian, and it seemed St. Joseph's was not accustomed to feeding vegetarian patients, because Kamala's lunches always seemed to be the same thing, a glass of milk, a glass of juice, and a cheese sandwich, which Kamala found quite ... READ MORE

A Friendship in Letters



It was around 1976 when I was first attending the Self-Realization Services in Encinitas that I had the great happiness of reading Kamala Silva's wonderful book, The Flawless Mirror. I had been following other spiritual teachings and meditation methods, and her book was as inestimable help to me personally in coming to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Her book made the Master seem so "present", Divine yet also near and dear. I am so deeply grateful that it fell into my hands at just the right time.

It did not occur to me that I would ever meet the author or correspond with her. But in 1981 during an extremely traumatic and difficult time in my life, I felt drawn toward writing to the Piedmont Station address in her book, which I still had. She wrote back almost immediately, and for the next four years I was blessed to correspond with her about many spiritual topics, and especially about Paramhansa Yogananda.

But I was only one of many devotees to whom she gave so much time and truly divine Friendship. After retiring from her many years as an SRF minister in the San Francisco Bay area, she continued serving by counseling countless devotees through years of personal correspondence. She poured out all of this wisdom and insight and loving kindness freely.

It is a special joy now to be able to submit some of these letters, excerpts of various letters for the ... READ MORE

From the Letters of the Dunlop's


Dunlop11Jan and Dave Dunlop shared a long and happy correspondence with Kamala as admirers of her books, The Flawless Mirror and later Priceless Precepts.

The words they wrote her which Kamala "treasured" were penned by Dave Dunlop and inspired by the "heart of hearts" phrase in one of Master's chants.

To clarify which words she so loved, on January 30, 1984 Kamala wrote in a followup postcard:

These are the melodic words:
"As you have wished us our Dream of Dreams in the stillness of our souls, so also we wish you the Grace of God in your heart of hearts."

From the Letters of LP


Lp1Note from LP: I am pleased to share this two-part correspondence I received from Kamala Silva in June of 1985.

Please note that Kamala sent me this card after I wrote her to thank her for writing The Flawless Mirror. I had just finished reading it a third time on Master's birthday, and felt compelled to thank Kamala for her great contribution to literature on Master.

Note from The Editors: LP asked us to use only initials on this submission and to blur the address on the postcard, which we have done. Kamala's typewritten and signed note in the upper corner of the second enclosure reads:

"The underlining was added many years ago as I studied our Guru's words and precepts for the Sunday Service which I prepared each week." Kamala

Second Edition Anxiety


CalendarWorking night and day since November on 2nd printing of book, I was so concerned about my delays in time - to printer, that I felt tension over it. Then I looked casually at a calendar beside me - and saw only these words standing out (just for me, then) on the page. "He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion." It brought indiscribable comfort that has continued. Pages went to printer on January 5th (Master's Birthday) have been in proofs - back for changes - and now - Febuary 8th returned - for printing this week.

1976 - 7/31


Recalling time I shot out of top of head into space, at jet speed, on and on and on - such freedom! In God, breathless so long! Needed deep breathing afterward. Also, after delays troubled me getting book printed, finally prayed and saw these words! 'He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.'

1976 - 4/20


Mrs. Rappold spoke of the power in Master's eyes as he looked at her - so great she could not look at him - it was the power of God one saw - a strength of Spirit. I mention this in F.M. book.

1976 - 6/21


Loved words Master spoke as I wakened one morning.'Yes for one whose words will fire and inspire.' I was suffused with a glowing warmth from his words. The approval from my Guru warmed me in a special way. Only time a 'compliment' ever affected me with a kind of 'Blush.' What I felt following his words - PRANA.Waking was not aware of his meaning - doubtless was aware, seconds before. It pertained to my two books.